Bristol City V Cardiff

Thoughts before the game and trashing Amberly’s garden

I suspect after losing three in a row since the re-start, the Robins will be out for a win against the old enemy

Freud & mara ]

My dogs would like a peaceful weekend, so hopefully no garden trashing!

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Your dogs are very cute! Have you had them for long!

So if he loses 4 will he also lose his job?

They’re both over 5, so officials “seniors”, which seems a bit unfair.
I’ll have to start a “pets corner” topic

Hi - fairly straightforward once I’d signed up! Cardiff City v Millwall is a much bigger ‘bad’ game - over the years there have been many ‘incidents’. But Bristol City is also up there. It’ll be a strange game tomorrow with no fans - but BC are on a downward slope so looking forward to a 3-1 for CC. Tomlin (ex BC) to score twice

Obviously, as a Doncaster Rovers man myself, I have less interest in the result than in Amberly’s garden/dogs.

Not strictly football when you live next door

Hi. I have set up a private category for Football commentary - Mike, Andy, Amberly. You are added. You should be able to access - (click link when logged in). Other people do not have access…

Ah, great to see you on here Alan… I have added you to the private Category…

:joy: yup- that’s my neighbour!

Suffice to say, I won’t be getting a drink there on 4th July. Any one got any recommendations:

Good result in the end - and the Bristol manager sacked immediately after the game.

And hopefully, Amberley’s garden survived - great result all round.

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