Closed groups - possible?

Is it possible to use this site for a group to have closed conversations, viewable only to subscribers of that forum/group? I’d like to invite a group to talk to each other about something personal and wondered if this would be an appropriate forum to do that - but the topic is highly sensitive. They are all members of public/patients and dont want to use facebook or whatsap or whatever…


‘Closed’ groups - with limited access are possible, however posts into the platform are not guaranteed as private to only the members of the group, even in ‘closed groups’. See the Privacy note for more details.

This platform could be used for a closed patient and public conversations about involvement in health research and service improvement - with understanding that site administrators and those involved in the data processing would have access to the data.

The platform is not currently designed to host patient / peer support groups or conversations that need maximum security.

The PHWE Discourse platform is not more secure than facebook, and in some ways less secure than WhatsApp… This platform does not have end-to-end encryption.

Using Telegram, Signal, or perhaps Discord might be more suitable for you from your description of requirements.

Does that help?