Impacts of long COVID

I had covid Feb 21.
Long story short, I’ve been left disabled and can’t work.
I had 2 job interviews recently for jobs I am well qualified for and experienced in. I’m a teacher. They are part time jobs with hours I can cope with.
Both feedback independently told me my lessons appeared “disorganised” although they acknowledged my lessons had been well planned.
My confidence has hit rock bottom.

The purpose of this post is really for others to acknowledge the impact of long covid and to ensure they make adaptations and Allowances for this during stressful times such as interview situations. Employers need to do their bit too.

Thank you for this post and sharing your experience. They sound like very difficult challenges and situations you have been faced with. I guess you have already seen this link - Find help and support if you have long COVID - GOV.UK, but it seemed worth sharing in case you have not. I will ensure to share the points you raise with members of the CONVALESCENCE research team. Best wishes for your speedy recovery.

(A discussion about how to define Long Covid has been started, if you would like to contribute - the forum space can be found here - How should we define Long Covid?).