Love 2 shop vouchers!😡

I think that its soo annoying when you get paid in love 2 shop vouchers bc I never use them and just get my parents to buy them off me for normal cash. Anyone agree or disagree?

Yeah I’ve always wondered why research seems to prefer vouchers over money - feel like sometimes it’s also annoying if you get left with £2 or so on a voucher that won’t be able to get you anything if it can’t pay delivery so you might only really get £8 off a £10 voucher

This is actually really helpful to know, thanks both :slight_smile: Unfortunately we don’t always have influence over how the researchers pay and in some cases their funding/departments put restrictions on how their money is spent, meaning they have little choice voucher wise. Super annoying I know. However, where we can we can definitely try and sway people towards paying by bank transfer instead. Out of interest is it all vouchers or mainly Love2Shop vouchers that are a pain? Going by what Oscar has said I’m guessing vouchers in general …

I agree, I always find them difficult to use and activate and even though it says you can use them in lots of shops, most places say they don’t take them so I don’t actually get to use the voucher. Amazon vouchers or normal payments are definitely preferred!

i agree! love2 shop vouchers arent very useful for our generation as you cant use them in a large range of shops or places.

Interesting point, thank you

Interesting, i wonder if there are vouchers that don’t have this problem