COVID and Vaccinations

What do people think and feel about what’s currently going on with the COVID vaccines?

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In Swindon we are asking people like this. Even if you don’t live in Swindon we’d still be pleased to know what you think.

We’ll be publishing a report on the outcome at the beginning of March

Hi @JoOsorio. Did the survey results come back? Would you mind posting them in this forum?

Hi John
Our survey results were published last week. 765 people responded and you can see the report here COVID-19 Vaccine Report | Healthwatch Swindon

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing @JoOsorio
I also found this study interesting and useful:

@alanmt Have you come across any studies / articles that you find interesting and could share a link to?

Hello Jo, has there been any publication of feedback following this survey?

What do you think about setting up a survey within this site

  • Yes - lets poll on this site
  • No - lets not

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